Logitech needs to fix the Harmony

Nothing gets the ole news juices flowing like a quality remote news posting. It almost makes me feel giddy, I would imagine this is how John feels after posting an article then (I’m not even going to correct this – John) is spelling error free.

EngadgetHD is feeling a bit on the complainy side today and is taking Logitech to task with a few shortcomings of the Harmony 880/890. Lets go through them one by one.

Setup Wizard & Customization: I agree with EngadgetHD on this one. The wizard is great, customizing your remote can be annoying and you end up having to dig around more then you should. They need to lay this out just a bit better.

Flat Buttons: I think EngadgetHD is being a bit nit picky on this one. I have never had a problem fat fingering when entering numbers. One would think I am dainty and delicate but I can assure you I am not.

No Discrete Buttons: As EngadgetHD mentions, Harmony uses toggle codes for on/off function. An event can get out of sync by doing this and it can be a pain in the ass to have to press the help button when an activity doesn’t work right. By using discrete codes, this should eliminate this.

They go onto mention that these points make the remotes unuseable. That too me is extreme! I could not recommend it more and I plan on giving two away for Christmas presents :).

The Harmony 1000 certainly didn’t fix any of these issues. It will be interesting to see what Harmony has up their sleeves for their next generation remotes.


There’s no doubt that Harmony remotes are so easy to program anyone can do it, and in doing so Harmony has changed programmable remotes forever, but their remotes are far from perfect. In fact, there are three specific problems with the 800 series that make them unusable for us.