Honeywell HDMI to Cat5 converter introduction

Now here is a nifty concept for those building a home theater where the video source is a significant distance from the display device.  If a standard HDMI cable just won’t reach then give this a shot.  At around $325 they are a little pricey, but will do the job if you have a long run.

HDTV Origin

The converter system consists of a power supply, transmitter unit and a receiver unit each built into single gang Decora style wall plates. At the source end, the high-speed transmitter transcodes HDMI signals over two CAT5/6 cables. A 1080p signal will travel up to 125 feet on a pair of CAT5e cables or a maximum of 200 feet on a pair of CAT6 cables. At the display end, the externally powered receiver unit transcodes signals back to HDMI.