The Daily Button – December 10th, 2007

Is it more suck then a fleet of Hoovers? Or more blow then the Brothel when the ship is in town? Either way, we are going to continue our safe-for-work case goodness with an unboxing of the S16V from OrigenAE. I am of course referencing the air movement created by the case fans. Its ruined now that I have to […]

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Omaura Concept: TT Range Of Cases


Omaura hasn’t been around that long, but they are already making a splash in the HTPC market with the release of three quality cases. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they sponsored one kick ass giveaway here on the site. These cases are hardly in the distribution channels yet but they are not content to rest on their butts. More […]

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SageTV HD Extender Available Today!


Thousands of SageTV fans just wet their pants today in anticipation of SageTV finally releasing their HD extender. In race that few watched, SageTV was able to beat the dedicated Vista extenders out the door by at least a day :). Even more impressive is that they did it for a $200 price point. Congrats to Sage!! What are you […]

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