Logitech needs to fix the Harmony

Nothing gets the ole news juices flowing like a quality remote news posting. It almost makes me feel giddy, I would imagine this is how John feels after posting an article then (I’m not even going to correct this – John) is spelling error free. EngadgetHD is feeling a bit on the complainy side today and is taking Logitech to […]

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Honeywell HDMI to Cat5 converter introduction

Now here is a nifty concept for those building a home theater where the video source is a significant distance from the display device.  If a standard HDMI cable just won’t reach then give this a shot.  At around $325 they are a little pricey, but will do the job if you have a long run. HDTV Origin The converter […]

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Hiper Media Slimline HTPC With AMD Heart

The Hiper HMC-2K53A-A3 slim case gets a work-over at Tom’s Guide.  Just once I’d like to see a case manufacturer pull off a case that is only 5cm tall, accept mATX motherboards, and still be a capable HTPC client.  I can still dream… Tom’s Guide The PCI card must not be too long or too wide; if it is the […]

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Big Screen Photos v2 Final Version


My MCE guy fell asleep, so I have to rely on Chris for the latest plugin news for Vista. Niall has put the finishing touches on Big Screen Photos 2 and lets us know that it should be available for purchase sooner then later. For a mere $24.95 this sexy application can be yours, with cool ass features like geo-browsing, […]

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S16V Unboxing


Today is a good day for HTPC cases! Not only were we lucky enough to bring you a first look at Omaura’s new case concept , we also get to bring you a little unboxing love today. OrigenAE sent me a S16V for evaluation and here are a few pictures to get you drooling. The full review including a build […]

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MediaPortal II – Preview Release


‘Tis the season to release software fa la la la la la. The MediaPortal team is giving everyone a sneak peak at MP II. If you recall, the are reqriting MP from the ground up to clean up code and support many of they things they couldn’t do with their original framework. New to MPII, besides the fundemental code changes, […]

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