Big Screen Photos v2 Final Version


My MCE guy fell asleep, so I have to rely on Chris for the latest plugin news for Vista. Niall has put the finishing touches on Big Screen Photos 2 and lets us know that it should be available for purchase sooner then later. For a mere $24.95 this sexy application can be yours, with cool ass features like geo-browsing, it is well worth the money. I encourage you to support great plugin developers like Niall who is advancing the HTPC platform forward.

Check out Chris L’s post about this and other plugins :). 

Mobileware Blog

I’ve added a bunch of new things (there was a huge amount of really great – ‘can you add feature x’ requests – which have fed into this) – and hope to continue to add some of the more complex requests in future (like local content support with full metadata/geotagging capabilities). So a big thanks to everyone who participated/contributed to this. (and hope to reward you with early access, discounts, freebies – well lets see what I can do there..)..