S16V Unboxing


Today is a good day for HTPC cases! Not only were we lucky enough to bring you a first look at Omaura’s new case concept , we also get to bring you a little unboxing love today. OrigenAE sent me a S16V for evaluation and here are a few pictures to get you drooling. The full review including a build will be posted a later this month. Here is a studio pic to keep you drooling.







This will be your typical blog unboxing; lots of pictures and very few comments. Its hard to say a lot about the case until you stuff a system in there and test it out. I am anxious to test out the VFD, its wiring management capabilities and of course the noise it creates.



Top Down shot of box

Front Of Box

The box is simple and attractive. The case came packed very well and I would not expect shipping damage to occur. Spec wise, the S16V is a full-ATX case with support for one optical drive, 4 hard drives, a VFD display and a full-ATX PSU.


Front of S16V

Front of S16V with lid off

The whole body of the chassis is one piece aluminum construction. I am amazed at how light this case is. The case itself is very solid and does not give the impression of being being flimsy and something prone to vibration. The lid is placed on noise dampening material



Card Reader and optical drive

Slightly tilted back shot.. Too much to drink? 

The card reader and front ports are standard fare. As has been tossed around in the forums, perhaps expansion ports would be better suited on the side so cords do not have to hang out the front. The 80 mm fans provide the exhaust for this unit. If chosen wisely, two 80mm fans will move alot of air while being quiet.



Interior shot

Angle shot

Hard drive is relatively easy. Simply remove the two thumb screws and install the hard drives. Having to take out hard drive cages is never a fun prospect. The last picture is an angle shot of the case showing the 92 mm intake fan that blows across the hard drives.

The tool-less approach, cable management, and aesthetics really come together on this case. This next weekend I plan on putting a few very hot parts in there to see how this case holds up. I have a hot S754 3700+ and 6800GT to test ‘er out.