Hands On: Next Generation Remote Control Extender


There’s a number of ways you can extend your remote control such as purchasing a Logitech Harmony which already includes an RF Extender. Considering you can buy the 890 with RF for around $100-150 these days, this option really just makes sense for people who already own a remote they love and just need to extend. For those, $55 is […]

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Sonos CR200 review


There was quite a lot of press when this fancy new Sonos remote was announced, so it’s good to see not very long pass before the actual unit is released into the wild. The guys at Engadget got their hands on one for review and put it up to the test–it’s a nice remote, but current Sonos users can probably […]

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Philips Pronto TSU9300 Remote


Have to love a company that can release a "lower-end" version of a remote and it’s still $800! Still an impressive item I’m sure, but not sure I could swallow that much for a remote.  CEpro The 9300 comes with a charging cradle for its lithium-polymer battery. It features a 2.8-inch color LCD screen and a series of buttons, including […]

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Logitech Harmony 1100 Review


Driver Heaven goes outside their norm and bring in the tride and true Logitech Harmony 1100 for review. If you have read previous reviews of the unit, then not much has changed. The unit is still very attractive, and the RF capabilites are great, but it costs a fortune and nobody likes having to use two hands for a remote […]

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Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote


If you have X-10 devices in your home, you’re going to LOVE this remote! I’m not a huge fan of the style, as there seems to be an obscene amount of buttons and it’s too narrow for me, but it seems to have a lot of features and at a reasonable cost.   Automated Home Personalise the remote control for […]

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Universal MX-450 Remote

The folks over at S7V have Universal’s MX-450 on the test bench for a few rounds of flogging. Yes it is true, there are other universal remotes besides Harmony remotes. Not a lot of differences in your average remote, however, this one seperates itself byt offering PC-free programing, RF capabilities, and of course macro programming. S&V Pressing and holding the […]

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i♥Control (iLoveControl) will be available at the App Store on July 11th

 i♥Control, an iPhone and iPod Touch application that provides control of Home Automation Systems will be available for download from Apple’s App Store on July 11th, 2008.  i♥Control ( iLoveControl ) is the remote control you have been waiting for. i♥Control allows you to control the various components of your home theater or you home automation system. You can control […]

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