Universal Remote Control debuts the MX-5000 touchscreen remote


Reader Alert–this is not a retail product…so try to digest the fact that the remote’s MSRP is just under $1,500! Pretty cool remote, but it takes a lot of programming which is why this is a dealer/installer-only product. Start saving pennies!


URC has thrown down the gauntlet and let loose the sexy MX-5000 universal remote. Look at that thing. It’s stunning, but the looks is only have the equation as this is the first remote on the market with a haptic feedback touchscreen. The company apparently has been working on the technology for a few years. Essentially the MX-5000 is the same thing as the MX-6000 except in a candy bar form factor rather than the tablet style. This means that all the two-way communication over 802.11 b/g and RF is also included.