What Boxee Can Learn From TiVo

Some interesting thoughts from the writer about the various directions Boxee can go, and some ways (with the devil) they should avoid. I think Boxee has a strategy in mind to profitability and look forward to seeing it develop. Business Insider So Boxee could — and should — be the broadband software that makes this possible. They could be the […]

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Intel DG41MJ: Affordable 775 Mini-ITX


Mini-ITX is just all the rage these days, so Intel sought it fit to release a new offering in the sub-$100 price range. This one offers less than the slightly more costly DG45FC board, but still has solid performance. A PCI slot though? Really??!?   SilentPCReview Our DG41MJ-based system was fairly energy efficient, idling at 35W and using up to […]

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5 Leading A/V Receivers


Let me preface this article by saying just because an item is a preferred receiver for an installer, does NOT make it the greatest so buyer beware and everyone should do their own research. In looking at their list though, they have some high end ones…the Denon 3808 is one of my favorites. For what it’s worth, Onkyo also makes […]

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Philips Pronto TSU9300 Remote


Have to love a company that can release a "lower-end" version of a remote and it’s still $800! Still an impressive item I’m sure, but not sure I could swallow that much for a remote.  CEpro The 9300 comes with a charging cradle for its lithium-polymer battery. It features a 2.8-inch color LCD screen and a series of buttons, including […]

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Battle of the Media Center Movie Managers


Movies are the pride of many a home theater PC user. While your friends may have a wall of movies, nobody can argue with the convenience of locally (or network) stored movies, being able to view information, filter and display them all within Media Center, and play them from a single remote without ever having to leave the sofa. It’s […]

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