Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB – Silence at 5900RPM

How they decided on 5900RPM is anyone’s guess but look’s like Western Digital finally has some competition in the 2TB world of hard drives. Time to save up and replace those WHS drives eh? 🙂 To be fair, the reviewers didn’t have a WD to put directly against this, but for standing alone it seems to be pretty capable. Hopefully […]

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Mitsubishi TVs Coming With Free Vudu Boxes


If you can’t sell it straight up, I guess you can just give it away and people will use it? They are including $50 in credit to start out with. It’s interesting in a week that saw announcements of integrated technologies–like Samsung+Blockbuster–built into their TV sets how adding a separate unit for free will work for Mitsubishi. HighDefDigest In the […]

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