Magic Slideshow for Windows Media Center

I’m a big fan of Ian Dixon and what he’s already brought to Media Center in general (I know you all listen to his weekly podcasts!). Never letting himself be bored, Ian has designed an application with some pretty clever creativity. The idea works great if you have properly dated photographs. I could just imagine the laughs if I had […]

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July 21st Blu-ray Releases


Alan started this and I’d like to bring it back. If only to remind me what new flicks I need to add to the top of my Netflix queue! Every week I will post the Blu-ray releases for the week and post links to purchase them if you so choose. The links provided lead to Amazon. You can support […]

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Antec Sonata Elite ATX Mid-Tower Case

Not the most traditional case when one thinks of a HTPC, however many people prefer the tower for all the benefits it brings, and if you have a closet or place to hide it out of place (or maybe it matches your subwoofer) then the only thing that matters is that it’s quiet. Antec has always been rock solid and […]

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New Dashboard Commercials Bring Ad Breaks To Your 360

Is anyone truly surprised by this? I remember being offended the first time I played Madden and saw advertisements within them. Now though, I don’t even care. The end result is the important thing–if nothing changes, then yes it sucks. However, if this results in lower cost hardware or games, then bring it on. I have a hunch nothing is […]

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Universal bringing BD-Live integration to the iPhone


I think this is more gimmick than anything, but it’s interesting to see how creative some of these companies are getting…from online shopping of clothes in movies to now this. Not sure how effective any of this is though. Do you really want to pull out your iPhone during a blu-ray movie instead of just using the remote? Engadget At […]

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vmcPlayIt 1.19 Update Released


If you are using vmcPlayIt you will be pleased to know they have a new version available, 1.19 as of yesterday. Looks like it fixes some UI performance and crash bugs, so check it out if you use it. vmcPlayIt vmcPlayIt is an add-in for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center which provides a front-end interface to the PlayOn digital media […]

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New MCE Plugin Coming FilmDE?


Fellow MVP Richard Miller sent me this link to a german blog hinting at a possible new (another) movie browser plugin for Media Center. Looks pretty interesting although not many details thus far. Had to use google translate just to understand it.   MCE The second, presented at the CeBit new PlugIn for Windows Media Center comes from FilmDE. […]

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