Audioholics $750 Receiver Comparison Guide

Another good comparison guide for receivers from Audioholics.  I’m mad they don’t have my favorite brand in there, Onkyo, but they don’ t have any new receivers at this price point.   There are surprising variations even among the most notable and well established groups. While we expected Denon and Yamaha to be nearly identical, they most certainly were not. […]

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7 Tips to Downsizing Your Electronics

I know this definitely affects myself with my teeny tiny apartment…hopefully you people in large houses don’t have to worry about such things as small spaces for your theater. 🙂 Electronic House How many drawers are you currently using to store your CDs and DVDs? You can clear that space completely by storing your media digitally on the hard drive […]

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Is the Coraline Blu-ray the best ever video presentation? goes out on a limb to declare Coraline on Blu-ray the best video presentation in 2009, and perhaps even ever.  They go on to rate both the video and audio presentations on the disk a perfect 10.  Could this be your next demo disk?  To make it even sweeter, it is family friendly demo material.   Every intricate feature […]

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Lian Li PC-V351 – HTPC Chassis


Here’s a link to a review from a german site on a new Lian Li HTPC-case, which brings back the good old cube case idea, which was really popular about 5 years ago. It actually looks pretty decent next to the stereo receiver IMO. Hopefully the google translator did a good job here. Nevertheless, it is at this point […]

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ASRock ION-330 Nettop SFF System

ION 330(Enlarge)-thumb.jpg

Updated on 8/8: Added section on Flash Video and Windows7 Testing ASRock ION-330 Nettop Today we take a closer look at the ASRock ION-330 Nettop device–a small form factor system that comes almost complete out of the box and appears to be a great match on paper to other HTPC clients. Being low powered, low cost and seemingly capable, can […]

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Western Digital 2TB GreenPower HD


Not the most detailed review I’ve ever read, but I wanted to post it since the folks in our forums really seem to love these Green drives from WD, which apparantly are fantastic choices for your HTPC builds. Being a Green Drive, it supposedly consumes lesser power and is quieter. While we don’t have any equipment to measure the […]

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WD Now Shipping 1TB Mobile HDD

I know a lot of you are or have been looking into using a laptop hard drive in your systems due to their improved acoustics over a larger desktop size. Now that it’s in a whopping 1tb flavor, you can even use it without any server/external storage to store content as well. Very impressive. Hardware Geeks The Scorpio Blue drives […]

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Windows 7 Media Center RTM review


Not a week after Windows 7 hit the RTM milestone, Ben has wasted no time in telling you all the deep secrets that are released. A lot of nice surprises with this operating system with much less complaints than are the norm for an operating system. Take a look for the full list as you wait for the official retail […]

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July 28th Blu-ray Releases

Quite an action packed group of releases this week, from Fast and Furious to Ultimate Fighting Championships…with a little comedy with the classic Spinal Tap. Dollhouse season 1 as well, good to know it won’t be the last time, and there’s even a never aired episode that is pretty far out there (was supposed to be the last episode). MissingRemote’s […]

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