Xbox Netflix Movie Parties: Some restrictions apply


I always find it annoying when a feature is released but with quite a few caveats…unfortunately it looks like the Xbox’s Movie Party feature is one such feature in regards to playback of Starz movies. With my experience with Netflix streaming, quite a few of them are from Starz, so that’s pretty dissapointing. Click on over a video of the […]

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TRENDnet 7” Wireless Internet Camera and Photo Monitor

I don’t know how many of you out there have digital photo frames but this one has a feature that most don’t.  Not only does it include wireless connectivity and the ability to access flickr or picaso but it is also a monitor for TRENDnet IP cameras.  I personally think that’s kind of slick.   This is a very interesting […]

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Making An NTFS USB Boot Disk

While not directly HTPC related, Bjorn 3D did a nice writeup on how to make a bootable NTFS USB drive.  One of those things that might come in handy some day.  It’s fairly short, so I thought it was worth the read.   That’s all you have to do to create a Bootable NTFS Disk but what can you do […]

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