HDTV Unveiled: Q&A w/ Joel Silver from ISF

A pretty good read, especially you are into getting the most, or the best, out of your HDTV!  I for one is one of those guy that bring out the DVE Bluray & a SPL meter, re-calibrate the video & audio in my house every couple months!  :p   in fact, I just re-calibrate both the HT & the living […]

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Nielsen: More Homes Have More TVs


I’m not sure if this increase has as much to do with content available or simply the convenience and decrease in cost of television hardware, but it’s a positive sign for TV manufacturers for sure.   CEPro via Nielson Nielsen finds that the average American home has 2.86 TVs, which is about 18 percent higher than in 2000 (2.43 sets […]

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How to Decrypt and Rip your Blu-ray Movies

In looking over the guides we have on this site, it came to my attention that sometimes we take for granted the technical pieces we know and overlook some critical items which would benefit readers of MissingRemote.com. I happened to already have written an article on this, so it seemed to make sense to update and post here for your […]

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Geforce 190.38 WHQL released, new power modes


With on-board video becoming increasingly powerful, I’m sure the number of you using dedicated cards is dwindling. However, if you do happen to be using a separate Nvidia video card, this is awesome news as you’ll now be able to make your system even more low powered. I’d be curious to know exactly what real-world effect this has, but at […]

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The Media Center Show #216 – MCEZone and WHS PP3

It’s Thursday! Besides being almost the end of another week, it also means it’s time for another one of Ian’s Media Center Podcasts! This week up, Ian’s got an interview with MCML Developer Brian Baskerville as well as Windows Home Server MVP Andrew Edney to discuss Power Pack 3. Show Times: 00:23 Coming up this week 01:31 Recorded TV Manager […]

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Sonic and Widevine to Deliver Movies via USB Flash Drives

Just a day after seeing the news from Disney about selling movies on MicroSD, we get this announcement. I’m still trying to figure out why these guys are so overthinking it. I would prefer they spend their efforts on making Digital Distribution copies easier on DVD’s…seems like the easier solution for everyone, doesn’t it? Digital Media Zone Once you connect […]

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Hacking a Netflix Shipping Center


If you’ve ever wondered just how insane the warehousing must be at Netflix considering the thousands of discs they process every day, take a look at this. It’s even more impressive when you consider how fast Netflix is at getting you your newest queued movies.   Hacking Netflix 3a.m. The mail is picked up from the Postal Distribution Center and […]

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Intel’s Larrabee has two HD decoders…hrmmm….

This is a lot of interpretationg, but talking about HD decoders on the chip gets me pretty excited, especially if they come through with it being low power draw…sounds like a compelling choice for the HTPC world, but let’s wait and see. SemiAccurate Why anyone would want the first generation Larrabee for an HTPC rig is an open question, one […]

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