Engadget goes behind the Dolby logo

…and finds a bright blue light! Ok, just kidding…some cool stuff to learn about the folks at Dolby and their formats. EngadgetHD Specifically, we received several field reports about sonic differences between decoding the TrueHD track in the player (sending LPCM to the receiver) versus bitstreaming the TrueHD to the receiver for decoding. Well, you can take off your tinfoil […]

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You know you’re a videophile if…

This was too funny (and true) from Ben to not post here as well…here’s a snip of the list… You actually know what OAR stands for and won’t watch anything but. You believe edge enhancements are a crime against humanity. You understand that contrast is the most important video spec. You know that more P isn’t always better — as […]

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Windows 7 Upgrade Guide: All Your Questions Answered

Here’s a great article Matt found from MaximumPC that answers even MORE of your Windows7 Upgrade Questions than before. MaximumPC In a frantic attempt to make sense of it all, Maximum PC has been releasing our ongoing Feature Focus series, which hopefully, has helped you determine wither upgrading to Windows 7 is worth it for you. Once you made that […]

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OriginAE M10 Mini-Itx Chassis


With the plethora of rather blah-looking mini-itx chassis and systems being released, catching glimpse of this over at AVSforum was a breathe of fresh air. Take a look…I’m a fan…   OriginAE Through the M10 enclosures support of the ITX motherboard form factor, you have the convenience of a widely available form factor. With ITX motherboards now supporting up to […]

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DVR and Blu-ray In One, It’s The LG HR400


I understand what LG is trying to do here, differentiate their offerings by combining multiple technologies…but if I’m going to buy a blu-ray player with a built-in DVR, that’s going to have to be A) Able to record to discs and B) One great UI. And let’s not forget my disdain for "all-in-one" devices…can you really live for 2 weeks […]

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Ars reviews the BenQ Joybee GP1


So I doubt any real theater geeks getting excited about this, but I’m more impressed with the technology evolving to make something like this happen. If you’ve ever stood by one of the professional projectors, they are obscenely large and fairly loud, so hopefully this is a glimpse that a reduction in size while maintaining quality may be possible in […]

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TiVo and Best Buy to Develop DVR TV

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but Dave seems to be pretty excited. Call me jaded from all those years working tech support and seeing "all-in-one" devices break and seeing the tears in people’s eyes when they realized they lost their VCR AND their TV for repair! Zatz Not Funny As part of the deal, the companies also […]

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MeediOS Gets Three New Themes


I’ll be honest, MediOS has snuck under my radar for a while…but given how loyal the community was to MyHTPC and Meedio, it’s no surprise to see people pick up when Pablo sold to Yahoo and the original died. If you like XBMC, you’ll like these…hrmm, maybe we need a head to head with them?   GeekTonic MeediOS, the new […]

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