DVR and Blu-ray In One, It’s The LG HR400


I understand what LG is trying to do here, differentiate their offerings by combining multiple technologies…but if I’m going to buy a blu-ray player with a built-in DVR, that’s going to have to be A) Able to record to discs and B) One great UI. And let’s not forget my disdain for "all-in-one" devices…can you really live for 2 weeks without your DVR if your blu-ray drive goes down?

HighDef Digest

Featuring DVD upscaling, as well as Mpeg-4 and Divx support, the player has a pretty decent feature set, though nothing particularly stunning. Of course, the main attraction to the player is that it’s combined with a 160GB Freeview+ which allows not only recording, but pausing and rewinding of live television. Oh, and it streams YouTube videos as well, for those of you who’d want to subject a big beautiful HD screen to grainy video of a man getting hit in the groin.