Man Wall costs $15K — worth every penny


For as long as I can remember, I wanted a setup like this. Of course, I doubt I’ll have the $15k anytime soon, but the general idea should be able to be had for much less. Gotta love that sports ticker at the top…   CrunchGear It’s not like you’re getting ripped off, either. You get four TVs, a 1200-watt […]

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Sage MovieWall – A Beautiful Movie Interface for SageTV


Friends of MissingRemote are sure to know our take on SageTV–it’s super powerful, and super customizable…basically a whole lotta fun. Toss in their Extenders and you can really have a whole-home system finally. The addition of this plugin looks really promising, and just another example of the SageTV community stepping up. Check out the link for some slick looking screenshots. […]

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Hulu beatdown leads Joost to say goodbye to consumer video

This is dissapointing, as I always found some unique and interesting content available on Joost via Boxee. Just supports the saying that Content is King, and unfortunately for Joost, Hulu owns the content for now. ArsTechnica Joost, the P2P online video service once hailed as the new way to watch TV, has announced that it’s ditching its consumer video offerings. […]

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Scythe launches new Shuriken cooler


What’s the number one complaint of HTPC’s in the living room? Well, besides aesthetics, it’s noise!! The CPU heatsink-fan can be one of the worst offenders in this space, and especially the smaller your chassis, the more difficult it is to cool it quietly. This Shuriken, while horribly named, seems like it can do the job and quietly. Scythe is […]

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56-Inch Philips Cinema 21:9 TV


 I don’t care if this is $7400…I want it!! Of course, I can’t actually afford it, so I’m slightly less disheartened that this isn’t available in the US, and might never be. But one can dream, can’t we?!? Gizmodo The Philips 56PFL9954H Cinema 21:9 uses the same aspect ratio of most movies out there, which means that it eliminates the […]

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With every passing announcement making the Xbox360 more powerful, I can’t help but be reminded that it’s also crushing the Media Center Extender platform in the process. Don’t misunderstand, I think the introduction of new features like Netflix and are wonderful–as shown by the community’s development of the apps for Media Center–I just can’t help but look at the […]

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Mini-Roundup: The Best New HTPC Cases


Ah, the HTPC chassis…something that is beautiful to one person’s living room that can be equally disgusting to another. Well, ExtremeTech tries to help with the buying process by doing a mini roundup review of 4 new HTPC cases. While I have the opportunity to, I’d like to thank the former staff of ExtremeTech who have recently been let go, […]

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