Sage MovieWall – A Beautiful Movie Interface for SageTV


Friends of MissingRemote are sure to know our take on SageTV–it’s super powerful, and super customizable…basically a whole lotta fun. Toss in their Extenders and you can really have a whole-home system finally. The addition of this plugin looks really promising, and just another example of the SageTV community stepping up. Check out the link for some slick looking screenshots.



Sage MovieWall has been in development for several months and is still in beta, but in my opinion has made some significant strides and looks absolutely fantastic. This is just one example of how much can be done with SageTV Studio (A tool that allows for development & customization of the SageTV User Interface). Skye (known as PluckyHD on the SageTV and Greenbutton forums) has been working on an alternative interface for the movie application with plans to expand to other portions of SageTV at some point.