When will you get Windows 7 RTM?

 Looks like we’re seriously getting close to the RTM build of Windows7, and people are excited at the thought of never having to run Vista ever again! Key dates are August 6th for developers/professionals, and hitting retail shelves on October 22nd!!! Windows Team Blog Windows 7 will be in retail stores and shipping on new PCs starting October 22nd. If […]

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Roxio CinemaNow will use NVIDIA technology

3D has been dead, and then revived, and then dead, and now being revived again. We’ve seen a number of new movies come out in 3D, most notably was Pixar’s UP which actually got very good reviews. More movies like that can only help this type of initiative from Nvidia and Roxio. Video Business Sonic is positioning 3D downloads as […]

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Samsung has a new Blu-ray HTIB with the HT-BD3252


This home theater in a box offering from Samsung throws everything in there, except the kitchen sink. At $800 it’s not the cheapest, but it’s still way more affordable than buying components of each. It all depends your needs and your budgets, but this at least looks cool. Engadget Samsung’s latest Blu-ray HTIB features just about anything an all-in-one customer […]

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C|Net Calls Media Center a Flop, C|Net is Wrong


I recently came across a post from C|Net regarding Microsoft’s Windows Media Center, calling it one of the decades 25 biggest flops in technology. Here’s the excerpt: Windows Media Center Edition was the enhanced version of Windows XP that featured multimedia extras and a special user interface optimized for viewing on a TV screen. It never really took off. Solution: […]

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A look at the Moneual 312 HTPC case


Moneual has been manufacturing HTPC cases for a while, but I have no experience with them. However, my past luck with slim height chassis has been…interesting. Takes specific parts and some tweaking. Maybe life is easier these days with so much of your needs being on-board…maybe no need for riser cards anymore!   TheDigitalLifestyle.com Inside there is room for the […]

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