SageTV 6.5.19 RC Beta Released

Looks like the folks at SageTV are inching real close to a new official release build. Tons of fixes and improvements as always. Here’s a short list of the many changes included: 1. Added property ‘xcode_fix_broken_hdpvr_streams’ which can be set to true to fix issues with transcoding/placeshifting of files from certain versions of the HDPVR firmware which have timestamp issues; […]

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Using the HP MediaSmart to Rip DVDs


Philip from found an interesting article on using your HP MediaSmart Server, which by nature does not come with any optical drive, as a DVD ripping engine. Not the most seamless operation in the world, but effective (and affordable). The cool thing about this setup is that I can now rip my DVDs without really thinking about […]

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