How to relocate a HD set-top-box and still have it work with an HDTV

Ben has a nice article up on how to manage set top boxes (or any device really) when you decide to wall mount your new flat screen HDTV. Some handy info and something definitely to consider before you decide on doing so.


We know how it goes, you pick up a nice big HDTV and a wall-mount only to get it all setup then realize you still need a place to put your HD set-top-box. Or maybe you have a nice piece of furniture nearby to hide the box in, but since it is out of sight you need to get the IR remote working. Or you could even be like us and refuse to have any equipment with a loud fan in your home theater — yes we’re talking about you Mr. Xbox 360. Luckily there is a workable solution and with a little money and some elbow grease, you can hide that box in a place that will be out of sight and out of mind.