Sharp’s new AQUOS lineup eyes-on


I imagine these pictures don’t do these sets any justice, but the specs are pretty impressive nonetheless. I’ll need to work my contacts and see if I can get into these kind of events in the future.   Engadget the LEDs aren’t locally dimmed, the 120Hz refresh rate falls short of the 240Hz that’s been bandied about of late, and […]

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Auzentech X-Fi Forte Low Profile 7.1 PCI-E Sound Card


Don’t get too excited, this is not the newest in HDMI 1.3 sound cards. No, this is Auzentech’s latest sound card release jack of all trades that ignores HDMI entirely…like the good old days before it existed. This card will be much more valuable if you are planning on going Analog 7.1, as the name implies, versus those of you […]

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ThermalTake MeOrb Low Profile CPU Cooler Review


Imitation is the fondest form of flattery, right? If so, then Thermaltake really likes Zalman. I found it ironic that other companies are releasing the flower heatsinks now that Zalman is shifting away from it. The important matter no matter what, is how does it cool…and luckily it works here. The MeOrb keeps that processor nice and cool. Just because […]

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Vudu, Vizio Mum on Collaboration

Always interesting when you know two companies are talking–since their technologies are being utilized in the other’s devices–yet make it a point not to comment on it. CEPro Neither company cares to discuss the collaboration."Vizio announced their partnership with us as you read, but we don’t have more to say about it right now," says Vudu co-founder Edward Lichty.

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VLC media player 1.0.0 hits the web


This is 100% for my buddy Corey, who uses an HTPC but always uses VLC as his player of files, even though it requires him to use keyboard and mouse. For those that have never tried it, if you have ever had a problem playing a filetype, try VLC and it will almost certainly work. TechReport Notorious open-source applications don’t […]

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Itox NP101-D16C


   With the release of the Atom processor, Intel revolutionized the low-power computing industry.  These days more and more netbooks are being sold with these inexpensive, low-power chips due to their ability to handle most day to day activities well while providing a long lasting battery life.  Today I bring to you a Mini-ITX motherboard based on the Atom N270.  […]

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