Are Blu-ray Netflix Customers Paying Extra Because The Discs Keep Cracking?

I’ve been a longtime reader of Consumerist, so it’s good I can finally post news from them. This one’s interesting–I’ve been a blu-ray subscriber for quite some time, and have only found maybe 2 blu-ray discs that had this problem. What about you guys?


We have been experiencing a growing number of brand new Blu-Ray releases from Netflix that arrive with a small crack (usually 1-3mm, and sometimes only through the hardcoat part) along the outer edge that makes the disc unplayable. In better than 4 years we have had only ONE regular Netflix DVD arrive cracked, but with Blu Ray we’ve now have three arrive in just the last three weeks with this problem. I started asking around, and it seems like this is a growing problem. The Blu Ray hard coating actually seems to make the discs MORE susceptible to damage in transit.