ThermalTake MeOrb Low Profile CPU Cooler Review


Imitation is the fondest form of flattery, right? If so, then Thermaltake really likes Zalman. I found it ironic that other companies are releasing the flower heatsinks now that Zalman is shifting away from it. The important matter no matter what, is how does it cool…and luckily it works here.

The MeOrb keeps that processor nice and cool. Just because the processor is miniscule in size doesn’t mean that it’s performance suffers. The results show that the MeOrb is able to work in a cramped environment and how effective the design is in removing heat from the processor. Take the results as you may, just remember that it was tested with a 9950 from AMD, granted the processor is no slouch but it is still meant to be a lower power unit. The fan on the unit was completely silent. Even running at 100% with the top of the case off, it was difficult to hear the fan. With the lid on, the processor couldn’t be heard.