Hands-on with the Brite-View CinemaCube HD multi-media player, BitTorrent downloader


CrunchGear hasn’t had much luck with this new device that promises to be your sole bitorrent downloader and video streamer…hopefully it’s just a sign of early issues and not a sign on the product. It’s not a good sign when your device claims two things and can’t do either well. I love how the UI reminds me of a 1989 screen though….*shivers*



At $90, Brite-View’s CinemaCube appears to be a viable BitTorrent downloader for the home theater, but my first few minutes with it were an exercise in futility. Testing the other features of the CinemaCube seems pointless if I can’t get the BitTorrent client to work, IMO. That’s not to say I didn’t get it to work, but it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is.