Oppo’s Budget High End Blu Ray Player Now Shipping


Gotta love what Oppo has done in the years since they started. Initially they were known as inexpensive players which would play DiVx and multiple other video formats on disc without having to have an HTPC connected to your TV. Since then, they have really earned the respect of the high-end A/V crowd by providing the ultimate in picture quality at a reasonable cost.

High Def Digest

Supporting a huge range of optical disc formats including SACD, DVD-Audio, DVD Up-Conversion, MKV, HDCD, and more in addition to Blu-Ray support, the BDP-83 is truly a universal player. Boasting Anchor Bay’s VRS technology to ensure the finest picture quality and a full 1080p, 60hz output, Oppo has their sights set high, and the individual analog 7.1 outputs send a rich Dolby TrueHD signal out to speakers.