The BFG Phobos Is a Hefty HTPC, But Its Sequels Sound Even Better


At a price range starting at $3,000 (and going upwards of $10k), I have to believe most people will not be satisfied with this type of chassis, no matter how nicely painted, in their living room. It goes over the top with specs and water cooling which is nice, but seriously….it sticks out like a sore (huge) thumb to me?!?! 


The machine, packed standard with luxuries like dual video cards and SSD boot drives—is actually not meant to be opened by the user. Instead, BFG includes a full professional installation and 6-month on-site tune-up in their pricing for the system. They’ll also send pros out to install new components like video cards—upgrades they fairly offer for the difference between the price of your old card and the price of the new card.