Mini-Roundup: The Best New HTPC Cases


Ah, the HTPC chassis…something that is beautiful to one person’s living room that can be equally disgusting to another. Well, ExtremeTech tries to help with the buying process by doing a mini roundup review of 4 new HTPC cases. While I have the opportunity to, I’d like to thank the former staff of ExtremeTech who have recently been let go, for all their years of writing and service. Now check out the cases!



They’re all pizza-box shaped, designed to integrate smoothly with your home theater setup, they’re all made of brushed aluminum, and they all require you to use a microATX motherboard. Years ago, that was a limitation, both in terms of selection and capability; today, I’ve found that manufacturers are building mATX boards that are just as powerful and fully featured as full ATX designs—they’re just smaller. Read on to see which one is best for your system.