Sony’s newest remote control ships with a Z200iR compact music system


If there’s one thing you have to hand it to Sony, is they are REALLY good at making unique devices that make you drool. This bad boy is no different, and of course, it comes with a $1000 price range to calm down how badly you want it. At that price, then you start thinking…hey…maybe this isn’t as cool as it looks 🙂


The Z200iR is DLNA-certified so it works with any DLNA device in your home including NAS boxes and of course, your PC or Mac. The re-chargeable remote features a 3.5-inch LCD display that gives you full control over sourced media including Internet radio, integrated AM/FM tuner, or devices connected via the Z200iR’s USB or audio-in ports. The sound comes courtesy of a pair of independent, 20-watt speaker enclosures with double neodymium magnets used to drive the bass. A simpler, WiFi-less CMT-Z100iR system will launch first in July with the Z200iR headed to Europe in mid September.