Scythe launches new Shuriken cooler


What’s the number one complaint of HTPC’s in the living room? Well, besides aesthetics, it’s noise!! The CPU heatsink-fan can be one of the worst offenders in this space, and especially the smaller your chassis, the more difficult it is to cool it quietly. This Shuriken, while horribly named, seems like it can do the job and quietly. Scythe is known for their huge tower heatsinks, so nice to see them give some HTPC loving as well.



Its 120mm Slip Stream fan runs from 650 to 1600RPM, and generates 15.7 to 38CFM of airflow. Depending on the RPM, the noise level varies from just 12.91dBA to 28.89dBA. You can also use 120mm fans from other vendors, as long as you find a slim one, to keep the height down.