Intel DG41MJ: Affordable 775 Mini-ITX


Mini-ITX is just all the rage these days, so Intel sought it fit to release a new offering in the sub-$100 price range. This one offers less than the slightly more costly DG45FC board, but still has solid performance. A PCI slot though? Really??!?



Our DG41MJ-based system was fairly energy efficient, idling at 35W and using up to 65W on full load. It also passed all of video playback tests with ease with the exception of Disturbia, a H.264-encoded scene played from an actual Blu-ray disc source. It played smoothly, but CPU usage was high, 71% mean and 93% peak. We fiddled with our system by increasing the amount of system/video memory and using different software players but nothing we tried improved performance on this particular clip. We surmise this is the result of the X4500 IGP lacking variable length decoding.