Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote


If you have X-10 devices in your home, you’re going to LOVE this remote! I’m not a huge fan of the style, as there seems to be an obscene amount of buttons and it’s too narrow for me, but it seems to have a lot of features and at a reasonable cost.


Automated Home

Personalise the remote control for each member of the family – fixed favourite channels for you, your partner, children and even (grand) parents and the babysitter (up to 10 users). Guaranteed to work with all you current and any other A/V equipment you purchase in the future (extremely comprehensive pre-programming with learning facility). In addition to 10 A/V devices (TV, decoder, DVD, set-top box etc.), you can also operate the Marmitek X-10 modules used for operating lighting and electrical appliances.