Moneual MonCaso 301 Desktop HTPC Case

moneaul03-profile.jpg continues their HTPC collection of reviews, this time up is a chassis from Moneual. Technically they sent them a whole system to review, but apparantly the chassis is sold separately as well, and that appears to be a very good thing. The chassis appears to be solid, but the system configured by Moneual is not so great.


With the right components, the MonCaso 301 can be the base for a stylish, versatile theater PC. The Moneual 301 system as shipped to us is a lesson in what not to use. The hardware inside was substandard at best and generated far too much noise to be considered quiet in most environments. We don’t recommend it for any of our readers — the level of modification required to bring its noise level down to tolerable levels is high, and not worth the time, effort, and/or monetary investment. The case and remote aren’t enough to counterbalance its inherent weaknesses. Hopefully Moneual has updated the system with more up-to-date components of higher quality and lower noise.