Sonos CR200 review


There was quite a lot of press when this fancy new Sonos remote was announced, so it’s good to see not very long pass before the actual unit is released into the wild. The guys at Engadget got their hands on one for review and put it up to the test–it’s a nice remote, but current Sonos users can probably live without it. Definitely a no-brainer for new customers though, which is good to know they continue improving without gauging consumers.



The biggest enhancement enabled by the new CR200 is without a doubt, the very usable keyboard enabled by the capacitive touch-screen. Gone is the scroll-wheel used to navigate the on-screen QWERTY — a frustrating experience to be sure, especially when searching the thousands of songs in our iTunes library or the millions or tracks offered by on-line subscription services like Rhapsody or Napster. Unfortunately, there isn’t a universal search at the moment though Sonos tells us that they’ve considered the idea.