MyMovies for iTunes Pro

Our buddy Terry at WGS takes an in-depth look at the latest iPhone app from MyMovies that aims to give you full control of your movies from your iPhone. Pretty snazzy little app which Terry calls a must have for MyMovies users–I particularly like the ability to add movies via barcode scanning! But you can even view trailers. Would love […]

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Sneak Peak of ByRemote for Windows 7 Phone

You think if I begged Niall enough he’d make this for the iPhone?? 🙂 Currently via an emulator until the actual phone is in his hands, but still pretty slick.           Similarly to the byRemote Silverlight 4 client for Desktops – all metadata displayed is downloaded as compressed/raw data from the byRemote server on your 7MC machine (so […]

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Review of Logitech Harmony 300i Remote

Wow, I hadn’t even heard of this remote but here’s a solid review of Logitech’s low priced (only $30!) remote from the Harmony line. Great way to get your feet wet and get rid of the remote control jumble! This is where Logitech’s new remote the Harmony 300i comes along. In hopes of simplifying a great device, Logitech has released […]

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GeekTonic Reviews the GlideTV Navigator

You may recall our GlideTV Navigator review , but I always enjoy reading other expert reviews to get different perspectives. I agree with most everything Brent offers here, and he goes in detail as always. Just really wish it didn’t cost $150…still a cool device. GeekTonic If you go in thinking this device is going to be like your Logitech […]

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Thinkflood’s Redeye: A True iPhone Infrared Remote


  ThinkFlood’s RedEye The idea of an app for the iPhone that allows you to control your A/V equipment is not new, but Thinkflood is unique in that it adds hardware into the mix.  RedEye by Thinkflood attempts to convert the iPhone into an activity based learning infrared remote that is competative with the biggest players in the industry.  The infrared extender is similar in […]

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Amulet Release 2nd Generation Voice-enabled Remote


I’ve gotten to feel this remote and it’s pretty slick. I’m working to see about getting one for review, but it’s neat. The idea of a voice-enabled remote is interesting and one that has been thrown around several times over the years.   Automated Home Amulet Devices will launch their new second generation voice-enabled Remote control for Windows Media Center […]

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