EFO Wireless Handheld Keyboard and Touch Pad


This is far from the most attractive wireless keyboard I have ever seen, but it is pretty innovative and you would have a hard time arguing with its $40 retail price. The reviewer likes it, I wouldn’t mind just a bit more style to it, but like the idea. I doubt I’ll trade in my Logitech Dinovo Mini for it though.


Dragon Steel Mods

I’ve used it as my primary input and navigation device and found that, for the most part it works great, but obviously if you’re going to type a lot you don’t want to be using this keyboard. It’s just a bit too small for a lot of typing, but if you’re accustomed to using a cellphone keyboard you shouldn’t have any problem being able to use this keyboard adeptly. The buttons on the keyboard for typing work fine, but I found the mouse buttons aren’t fully sensitive. What I mean is that for the left click I can push in the middle of the button, I’ve got to push on the far left side. It’s not a big deal once you figure it out, but it would be nice to be able to push anywhere on the button and have it react.