XBMC Getting Broadcom Crystal HD Support

If you’re into XBMC and want to go for a passive SFF HTPC build, your odds of success just went up.  Anandtech is reporting that XBMC is going to get full hardware acceleration support for the Crystal HD.     Thanks to the efforts of Scott Davilla, the XBMC developers and Broadcom there’s now full support for the Broadcom Crystal […]

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Stack Overflow for Home Theater

Adam and Josh from the Digital Media Zone started up a Stack Overflow style site for some Home Theater Q/A.  I think Adam said it best in his intro, so I’ll let him explain:   This isn’t your typical discussion forum.  Most questions have definitive answers, not opinions and so you don’t find the bickering and flame wars that you […]

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     QNAP TS-219P Recently released from QNAP the TS-219P is the new addition to the two slot NAS family. Read on to see if it will fit your storage needs. Introduction Previously, we took a look at the TS-209 Pro II NAS from QNAP and found it to work very well. Today we will take a look at the […]

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Media Browser 2.2.1 Released (Firestorm)

Merry Christmas from the Media Browser team!!!! YAY!!!! I’m not at home but you better believe this will be tops on my list to-do’s when I return! Happy Christmas Eve everyone! MediaBrowser.tv With the Firestorm release, thanks to ebrs hard work, we now support UI plugins. This means themes can ship as plugins, in fact Vanilla is no longer shipped […]

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Personal Placeshifting Not Yet Dead


Placeshifting never really has taken off. If not for SlingBox, most average consumers probably would have no idea about the technology…but it looks like Avermedia is trying to change that. However, being limited to Avermedia tuners will severely limit the reach of an app like this.   ZnF Similarly, AVerMedia best known for PC tuner cards, has been beta testing […]

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