Please Welcome Skirge!

Ok, so not really a new welcome since he’s been around for along time, but I’m happy to announce that George (aka Skirge) has agreed (finally!) to join the MissingRemote editorial staff. We look forward to his continuing detailed build writeups and will toss him a couple reviews as well. Here’s a bit from the man himself: I apparently stuck […]

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EH: The Best Products of 2009


I certainly am not the target audience for the EH crowd, but some of these choices are nice. I would have gone with the Oppo Blu-ray drive instead of the Pioneer, but it’s hard to argue with most of their selections. I wouldn’t mind having this screen in my place! Electronic House Stewart Filmscreen’s Cabaret screen system combines Stewart’s Hollywood […]

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Asus EeeBox EB1501 ION Mini-PC


The Eee system from ASUS is a slick little box, but coming in at $500 without a Blu-ray drive is going to make a lot of people take a closer look at the competition. The gang at SPCR liked it well enough, and it is quiet and cool enough for your HTPC needs.   SPCR Most of the clips, except […]

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Windows Home Server and the Linux Debate?

In what’s sure to cause a good debate, Philoking covers the always fun topic of Linux versus Windows Home Server for your storage needs. I think it all depends on your expertise, as Linux can be quite more powerful than WHS….but there is quite a learning curve. Philoking To wrap things up, this goes directly to the heart of the […]

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December 15th Blu-ray Releases

Not too many Blu-rays coming out today but there are a couple of great ones. Inglorious Basterds would probably have won out any normal week, being another fun (yet bloody) film from Quentin Tarrantino about a group of soldiers who become merceneries against Nazis. If you like Tarantino, you’ll like this one. The Mel Brooks Collection is a classic as […]

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