Intel plans 600GB SSDs for end of 2010

Wow, when they go they sure go all out don’t they? Quite a significant jump from their current offerings of 80 and 160GB, I look forward to the days when you can purchase comparably priced SSD drives that you can actually store relevant content on them in your HTPC. 600GB sure would be awesome! Fudzilla If all goes well Intel […]

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VIA Artigo A2000 2-Drive Barebone System

Via Artigo A2000

VIA ARTIGO A2000 2-Drive Barebone Storage Solution   We have covered a wide range of home server storage solutions, from the popular four drive systems from HP, to simple NAS solutions from QNap and even the 8-drive offering from Via. For a lot of people that simply don’t need that much storage, Via has developed the Artigo A2000. It’s a […]

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