Intel plans 600GB SSDs for end of 2010

Wow, when they go they sure go all out don’t they? Quite a significant jump from their current offerings of 80 and 160GB, I look forward to the days when you can purchase comparably priced SSD drives that you can actually store relevant content on them in your HTPC. 600GB sure would be awesome!


If all goes well Intel should launch a new series of X-25 M drives in sizes up to a respectable 600GB. These drives should replace 34nm Postville drives that are currently shipping and are available in sizes up to 160GB. The Postville Refresh will bring many drives in sizes from 80GB for the cheapest all the way to 600GB for the fastest and biggest. It will be manufactured in 2xnm process and we suspect that this might be 28nm, if not even smaller, but we need to dig a bit deeper into this to find the right answer.