ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim HDMI Audio Card

Still anxious to be bitstreaming your HDMI content but can’t wait any longer for the ATI or Intel solutions? ASUS has the Slim version of their HDAV sound card which allows bitstreaming which is more affordable than its larger brethren and goes without the analog ports and some of the other extras, but still provides the job. Legit Reviews After […]

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8 Ways to Hide a TV


I know I’ll probably never make use of any of these, but it’s still fun to admire how innovative some of these are. They all cost a ton, but can you imagine the "oohs" and "aas" they will generate from all your envious neighbors?!   EH Inca offers a couple of different hinged designs in its series of Flat Screen […]

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Rocketfish WirelessHD Adapter First Look

Do you desperately need wireless HDMI? Then maybe this device would be worth $600 to you. I’d imagine as more devices come out the prices will fall, but for now your options are limited if you must have this…at least you have an option. Audioholics Rocketfish has released through Best Buy (it isn’t even on their website yet) their new […]

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Boxee Beta Unveiling tonight!

You have probably been hearing the buzz on the upcoming Boxee beta, and the time is almost here! They will be launching it tonight, live at their event in Williamsburg. If you’re far away like me, you can tune in live to the stream tonight. I know I’m not the only one getting excited for it! Boxee Blog If you […]

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Not resting on just launching, Ian and Andrew are continuing their progress with the idea and have updated the design of the site to a nicer look and feel. He also lists some of the top apps, with TunerFreeMCE surprisingly coming out on top, edging out TDL Reader and MyMovies. For those that missed the announcement, the idea of […]

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December 8th Blu-ray Releases

Healthy amount of choices this week, with the exception of "World’s Greatest Dad" which looks absolutely dreadful. The Harry Potters are probably going to do the best sales, but those familiar with my picks probably already know what my pick will be. One last note, you’ll see a sub-suggestion at the bottom of "Jack Brook’s Monster Slayer" as it actually […]

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