ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 Slim HDMI Audio Card

Still anxious to be bitstreaming your HDMI content but can’t wait any longer for the ATI or Intel solutions? ASUS has the Slim version of their HDAV sound card which allows bitstreaming which is more affordable than its larger brethren and goes without the analog ports and some of the other extras, but still provides the job.

Legit Reviews

After finally figuring out that the HDAV center defaults to Coaxial/TOSLINK instead of HDMI, we quickly fell in love with the way our HTPC sounded. Having used the Realtek sound on the ATI All-In-Wonder HD , I was very pleased with the improvement that the Xonar brought. Suddenly sounds that were once muddled were very clear and the whole theater system really came to life! I noticed improvement in DVD, Blu-ray, and HDTV sound.