December 8th Blu-ray Releases

Healthy amount of choices this week, with the exception of "World’s Greatest Dad" which looks absolutely dreadful. The Harry Potters are probably going to do the best sales, but those familiar with my picks probably already know what my pick will be. One last note, you’ll see a sub-suggestion at the bottom of "Jack Brook’s Monster Slayer" as it actually was pretty entertaining and humerous…if you like low budget films like that, be forewarned!

MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week

Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale did not get the greatest publicity or reviews, but I found it to be very entertaining for what it was. A mobster movie with Depp playing John Dillinger and Bale playing the detective whose mission it is to capture. Nothing original really, but some good action and I enjoyed seeing two actors of their caliber share the screen.