Rocketfish WirelessHD Adapter First Look

Do you desperately need wireless HDMI? Then maybe this device would be worth $600 to you. I’d imagine as more devices come out the prices will fall, but for now your options are limited if you must have this…at least you have an option.


Rocketfish has released through Best Buy (it isn’t even on their website yet) their new wireless HDMI solution called WirelessHD. The WirelessHD Adaptors consists of two boxes (a sending a receiving unit), two 4 foot HDMI cables (you shouldn’t need more than that), two mounting brackets (for wall mounting), and two AC adapters for $600. According to Rocketfish, the WirelessHD Adaptors can send a single 1080p HDMI source wirelessly up to 32-7/8′ (cute, as if anyone is going to measure it to the 1/8th foot) and supports 120Hz refresh rate, Deep Color, and 7.1 audio (specified as Dolby TrueHD and DRT-HD which is probably supposed to be DTS-HD).