Please Welcome Skirge!

Ok, so not really a new welcome since he’s been around for along time, but I’m happy to announce that George (aka Skirge) has agreed (finally!) to join the MissingRemote editorial staff. We look forward to his continuing detailed build writeups and will toss him a couple reviews as well. Here’s a bit from the man himself:

I apparently stuck around MissingRemote a bit too long and have finally
succumbed to the powers that be.  After nearly 3 years (Dec. 21st, in
fact) of hard work trying to dodge the bullet, I wound up biting it
instead and have happily become a staff member on MR.  I work in IT,
doing networking, application and hardware support, as well as project
management.  I was around HTPCNews for quite a while, back in its
heyday, as well.  My hope is to help brainstorm some fresh, new ideas
at MR, not just in
blogs or reviews, but in new concepts or recurring features.  I have a
strong passion for computers and new technology in general, but my
addiction for the past several years has certainly been HTPCs.  I’ve
been using SageTV for about 2 years now, after winning a license from
one of MR’s own contests (thanks, Alan)!  I also intend to continue my
quest for the ultimate Windows Home Server and have a number of fairly
unique things in the works, which I hope people will find interesting. 
This is all part of a larger overhaul of our TV room, which is about
80% complete, including a media closet to house all my equipment.  Feel
free to send me a PM with any WHS-related ideas for guides or articles