Guide To LED Technology

We posted an article last week of similar topic, but this one I find equally interesting in case you missed it. There are a lot of misconceptions floating around the technology in your new LCD television set, so educating yourself is a good way to start. Of course, you can always ask in our forums as well!

Sound & Vision Mag

This arrangement offers the potential for gigantic performance advantages. The LEDs can be dimmed individually or in small groups. This process, called “local dimming,” allows for LEDs behind the dark parts of a picture to be run at a lower intensity, so the blacks and dark grays look darker while the brighter parts of the picture stay the same. The effect is a huge increase in contrast, which has historically been a weak point for LCD TVs. (Local dimming is impossible with CCFLs because they run the entire length of the screen.) Consequently, the newest full-array LED/ LCD models match or even surpass the contrast of plasma TVs.