Control Your Media Center With A Windows 7 Phone

The mobile space is where it’s at these days. media buddy allows you to fully control your W7 based media center. You will need remote potato installed to make this app work.

Some of the early features –

  1. Browse your recorded TV by titles and date and delete or play a recording.

  2. Browse your scheduled recordings and series and update them.

  3. View channels and upcoming shows with recording information

  4. Color coded program guide with dynamic recording information.

  5. Streaming of video to your phone in different quality formats to support various data speeds.

  6. Client side support for favorite channels (aggregate with favorites defined in Remote Potato server as well).

  7. Searching of program and scheduling.

media buddy

  • If they add more to this over
    If they add more to this over time I’m definitely interested. DVD control, music control, video control, Netflix, etc. These seems like something MS should do though.