Boxee and Amulet Remotes Arrive at the FCC

Am I the only one who really wants a job at the FCC today? They got their grubby hands on some of the first of the cool new remotes coming out–the Boxee remote and the Amulet Devices Voice Controlled remote! Hopefully there are no hiccups for either and we’ll see them soon to market.

Amulet Device’s intriguing voice-activated remote for Windows Media Center has long since missed itsoriginal ship date,
but it just popped up at the FCC, complete with product shots and the
user manual. Besides providing typical universal features like IR
learning, as a package the rechargeable battery-powered controller, USB
dongle, and companion Windows Media Center Plugin will allow users to
operate their home theater by simply speaking commands to the remote’s
built-in microphone

Now we have some encouraging news for its planned November release date:
the QWERTY remote has hit the FCC. Called simply the "Remote
controller" (model numbers DSM-221, DSM-22), it looks to have passed
with flying colors, the FCC celebrating by ripping it to bits and
photographing every piece of exposed silicon.