Plex and XBMC See New Releases

Today must be the day of pairs. Ok, maybe I’m a day late on this news, but great news for you free HTPC software fans as XBMC and Plex (for Mac) have released new builds. Looks like Plex ran into some issues with theirs, but appear to be actively working on fixing it. Either way it’s great to see both groups continuing development.



Our mirrors (a big thanks to them!) were hammered badly as tens of thousands of downloaders tried to get the latest release, so in the morning we moved the main download site to S3 to ease of the pressure on the mirrors and get the app into people’s hands faster.

    [Plex Blog]

The improvements are too many to name, but head over to the milestone page  to get an idea. By far the biggest new feature is the Add-ons system. Our community is full of talented script-writers, skinners, and designers; we wanted XBMC to display their full potential. The result is a powerful and flexible system that allows for complete customization of the XBMC experience. Gone are the days of digging for the latest version of buggy plugins, or incomplete skins in our forums. Most of our users probably never even made it that far.