Boxee Box Opts For Intel CE4100 SOC

I have to say dropping Tegra for an Atom based SOC makes the Boxee Box a lot more interesting.    The ideal solution in the living room would combine the popular UI of HTPC based media centers with the decoding power of the present day media streamers. Unfortunately, these UIs are dependent on some sort of OpenGL acceleration being made […]

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SageTV V7 Plugins

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of all the modifications available for SageTV V7 GeekTonic has you covered.  Since we’re on the subject, V7’s built in plugin management is a truly beautiful thing.   Below is a comprehensive list of all SageTV 7 plugins as of September 12, 2010.  When available (if none is available there will be no […]

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nMEDIAPC 1080p HTPC Chassis


  While I love having a full featured home theater PC (HTPC) in my living room I do not want it to look like a computer.  In the past it was difficult to find something that looked the part without breaking the bank.  nMEDIAPC has made its name selling full size HTPC chassis for a reasonable price; let’s take a […]

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